You must be over 18 years old (unless participating in our 'Family Group Paddle' or have our prior agreement) be able to swim 25m clothed and have a reasonable level of fitness and strength.  (For instance, you need to be strong and agile enough to pull yourself back onto your board if you are in the water.)


Please arrive on time (if you are late you may not be able to join the session) and please comply with local parking rules and requirements.  For your safety, you will be provided with a neoprene wetsuit, neoprene wetshoes, a personal buoyancy aid and a Frangipani SUP high-viz rash vest, to use during your SUP activity.  (If you are concerned about size issues, please call us before your SUP activity to discuss this in person.)  If you have your own wetsuit or wetshoes, please bring them with you.  Please bring swimwear, a towel and a strap for your glasses if you wear them and a pair of old trainers, just in case our wetshoes don't fit you.  You will need an old sun cap and sun cream if it's hot, or a warm hat and additional waterproof layers if it's not!  Please do not bring jewellery, sunglasses, electronic items and other valuables as we cannot secure them.  If you are paddling in the evening you may want to bring your bug spray.  Please note that toilet and changing facilities are often quite basic.  We ask that you please do not get changed in public view!



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As a BSUPA recognised SUP school, your safety, enjoyment and successful paddling means everything to us.  Below is some useful information which will help you to get the most out of your Frangipani SUP activity:

Before you start your SUP activity we will ask you to complete a 'Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire' (PARQ) and our 'Risk Awareness and Confirmation Agreement' (which is normal practice for water sports activities.)


A detailed safety briefing will be given by your Instructor but if you are not sure about anything at any time, please just ask.  Please always follow the instructions of your Instructor.


You must never dive or jump off your SUP board.  Stay away from locks and weirs and never take a SUP board into a lock or onto a weir.  Keep well clear of moored boats, vessels under power, fishing lines and other hazards.  Also, please follow insructions concerning carrying boards and equipment and take care when walking around the site, as surfaces can be very slippery.  For safety, always please knee paddle in shallow water.


Prior to participating in any outdoor activity you should seek medical advice on Tetanus vaccinations.  We do not know of any cases of Weil’s disease at our teaching sites but it is important that you cover any cuts or grazes prior to participating in our SUP activities.  Avoid ingesting the river water and wash your hands and yourself thoroughly after your SUP activity and before eating.  


And finally.....we hope you have a fantastic time and that you will come back and paddle with us again and even join our Frangipani SUP Senoritas, Riders or HUB.




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